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Why Money Pages®?

In each monthly direct-mailed magazine, Money Pages helps businesses make an impact on each community it serves. Our model enables franchisees to enjoy a family-friendly schedule while owning a business helping small business owners reach those that matter most. Our values-led approach to sales means long-term relationships with clients that result in repeatable revenue through ongoing marketing partnerships. Money Pages provides the opportunity to build stable revenue that works through all economic environments. Explore the difference of partnering with a franchisor vested in your success with proven training, support and guidance.

Franchising Roles & Responsibilities

Money Pages

  • Act as a guide through a proven direct mail model
  • Provide customized print solutions
  • Create customized mailing zones and manage mailing distribution
  • Support of business services such as billing
  • Professionally designed artwork
  • Ability to offer exclusive print products
  • Ability to offer digital products
  • Best-in-class mobile app
  • Website specific to your market

Franchise Owner

  • Lead local marketing efforts
  • Participate in local community events
  • Lead sales and client service
  • Submit artwork through an online portal
  • Approve magazine for publication

Pathway Program

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Upon the signing of your franchise agreement, Money Pages will provide a series of support, service, and tools to demonstrate the model to build a 32-page publication in your local community. Through this path, we provide:

  • EXPERIENCE: Two decades of growth, resulting in over 500 million direct mail pieces and more than 5,000 clients
  • EXPERTISE: Access to professional print, design and digital talent
  • KNOWLEDGE: 21-day proven and tested training platform
  • PLANNING: Customized roadmap to your first 32 pages
  • TOOLS: Advanced technology to help simplify and optimize sales/publishing
  • SUPPORT: Unlimited market and client consulting
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Getting Started

Download our Pathway Program One-Sheet to get started.

Starter Pack

Franchise owners can begin selling immediately following Money Pages training. We provide all of our franchise owners a Starter Pack including their first set of:

  • Custom business cards
  • Sales collateral
  • Sales agreements
  • Sample marketing materials


We financially invest in our new franchise owners with credits to assist in the first year of operation while marketing your publication, building the foundation of your local book of business, and growing operating cash flow. We understand making the transition to business ownership is a big step and we want to provide a clear path to help you get started.

$20,000 First-Year Launch Assist Credits:

  • $2,500 (1st & 2nd Month)
  • $1,500 (Months 3 through 12)

Our Ideal Franchise Owner

We are seeking relationship builders. You may not have a background in sales. Don’t be worried. Most of our franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. If you enjoy meeting new people, building relationships, forming partnerships, and helping your local community you will have many of the traits we are seeking.

Individuals who may find Money Pages to be a great fit include those that are:

  • Family Focused
  • Faith–Oriented
  • Motivated to Help Others
  • Relationship & Partnership Driven
  • Involved in the Community
our ideal franchise owner

Franchises Now Available

Money Pages is expanding!

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